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16 August 2007


Friends, it has been a cold hard season for us with many hardships and difficulties, and new invaders coming close to our territory - of course we mean the dastardly Russkies and their submarine flags! It is bad enough with Canadians and Danes fighting over our tiny island, now we must ready ourselves for an invasion from the world's last great superpower and winners of the Cold War, the Soviet Union. We can handle the Cold, it's the War we're not so keen on.

Meanwhile, our friends tell us that others have encountered Inukshuk problems similar to ours - apparently Canadian parks are being infested with the evil things just as our island is! People hiking in Killarney Park are being led astray by Inukshuks that mark non-existent trails, while the park staf are tearing down 10 to 30 of the things every day!

People of Killarney Park, we support you in your struggle! Down with Inukshuks!

Hans & Hans

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